SmartSense Solutions presents HR Gini, a beta version of a 2-way communication plug-and-play chatbot developed for efficient recruitment. It is currently being used on our career page, allowing applicants to ask pre-screening questions that can be answered without human intervention. The chatbot has received positive feedback from many candidates for its conversational and human-like response.


The traditional method of recruitment often involves a lot of human intervention, which can lead to delays and errors. Our team at SmartSense Solutions recognized the potential of chatbots in streamlining the recruitment process and began development on HR Gini. This chatbot was developed to answer pre-screening questions of the candidates and provide them with the information they need in real-time.


The development of HR Gini followed the following approach:

  • Research and selection of appropriate technologies for the chatbot’s development
  • Development of the chatbot’s natural language processing functionalities like text classification and entity recognition
  • Integration of an email service for notifications to both the candidate and HR
  • Testing and fine-tuning of the chatbot’s performance
  • Implementation of the chatbot on our career page

Development of the plug-and-play chatbot:

The development of HR Gini was completed within 45 days by a team of 3 members. We used the following technologies:

  • Python (Django) for API
  • MongoDB for database
  • Javascript for front-end
  • NER models such as Spacy for natural language processing
  • SVM for text classification and intent identification
  • Email service for notifications to both the candidate and HR

Performance of the chatbot:

While the models used in HR Gini were state-of-the-art at the time of development, five years ago, they are now considered outdated. However, this case study serves to showcase our ability to work with more advanced models such as BERT, RoBERTA, and LM, resulting in improved performance.

Benefits of the chatbot for recruitment:

  • Easy to integrate and use: HR Gini is designed as a plug-and-play chatbot, requiring only the embedding of code for it to start working.
  • Data extraction: The chatbot’s data is used for our admin panel, providing insights on candidate profiles and chat logs.
  • Resume data extraction: The resumes received through the chatbot can be sent to our POC of resume data parser for automatic data extraction.
  • Time-saving: The chatbot has helped us to save time on the first discovery call as the candidates are able to know basic information by asking the bot during the job application process.
  • Increased attraction: HR Gini has helped us to attract more candidates to our company


HR Gini is a powerful and efficient chatbot that helps to streamline the recruitment process. Our team at SmartSense Solutions is skilled in developing plug-and-play chatbots and is open to working with clients who are in need of such services.

HT GIni - Plug and play 2-way communication chatbot