CMS, Android & iOS mobile Applications for Cab Owners (similar to UBER & OLA)


smartCabs is an online platform, developed by smartSense Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd, for the radio cab owners as well as for those who provide outstation cab service to their customers.

Before developing smartCabs, our proficient analysts have analysed all the current applications and portals, used for cab booking. Not only have they studied the good features of the platforms/portals in use but also marked the points where we can improvise and update.

Following are the features of smartCabs:

1. Android & iOS Mobile Application for rider:

This app is for the customers who will be booking cabs, on the go, from their mobile. Customer gets to choose which type of car is required for the ride. He/she can also locate the driver along with the distance estimate from the customer’s location.

Before booking the cab, customers gets to see the rate card and estimate of the ride (image)

Once the cab is booked by the customer, he/she will get the SMS & email of confirmation along with the driver and car details. Also the details can be viewed from “My Rides” as displayed in the image below. From here the customer can also see the previous rides booked by him/her.

smartCabs has also provided a feature of “Emergency Contact”. Customer will add a contact person in this and the cab details will be sent to the customer’s most trusted person also. (refer image).

Once the customer has reached the destination safely, he/she will get an email and SMS of the completed ride. Also the same can be viewed from “My Rides”

**Customers can also rate the drivers as per their experience. Rating can be give on a simple scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Below are some more images of rider app displaying all other features of the same:

2. Android Application for Driver

This is the application that will be run in the device installed in cab. From here the driver can chose the ride to be selected. Also this application is designed in such a way that only an idle rider will be notified for new rides. Along with that he/she will be notified for the rides available in a pre-defined radius of area. Area defined by the administrator.

Following sequence(clockwise) of images displays the how easy process it is for the drivers to reach the customer searching for a cab.

When a customer books a cab, as displayed in first image, the driver gets a push notification to take a ride. Details of the ride will be displayed on selecting “Yes”. From the next screen, the driver, if he wishes, can call the customer by touching the “Call” button. This will take to the map of the ride.

Now the most unique feature of this application is – if the driver wants to take another path than the one displayed in the application – he just has to touch the ending point and he will be re-directed to the “Google Maps” application and drive as per the directions of the same.

Following are some more images of the driver applications which displays the subsidiary features in driver application:

On left is the home screen of the driver app. Stars are colored as per the ratings of the customers. Also it shows the number of bookings in a day and the earnings from the same.

At center is the menu of the driver application.

The last screen is “AccountSummary”. It shows the number of bookings of the month with earnings from each booking and total earning, of that month, being displayed at the top.

3. Web Portal

Now for those who may not own a smartphone or may have not installed the application. Such customers have nothing to worry about, as we provide a website too, for booking the cabs, with only the same easy and hassle-free process of booking a ride.

Booking a cab from website will also trigger an SMS and email to the customer’s phone and mail address given while booking.

4. Administrator Panel:

Now we introduce you to the panel from where each and every function, of the portal – smartCabs – described above, will be handled with ease of walking on a cake.

smartCabs is a completely dynamic portal developed, by our dexterous developers, with very deep understanding of the Cab Industry. The Admin of the cab company can add/edit/delete from this panel.

Images* displayed at the end will help you understand the panel and functions better.

From here one can add the cabs, the driver driving the cab along with the GPS device installed in the cab. The administrator can also add all the details of the drivers in the portal including one or more ID proofs of the driver (as mandated by the Government of India).

While administrator adds the details of taxi, he can add the rates/km, waiting charges, facilities provided in the cab (AC, Music, etc.). Many other details can also be added from here.

Admin can also see the number of cabs booked, remaining idle and those which are not logged in. Admin can also filter based on taxi-type, facilities provided, rates of the cab and more.

The best part of this panel in smartCabs is the “Dashboard”. SmartSense Consulting Solutions takes pride dashboard provided to the clients. It has the graphical display of the number of cabs booked per day/month/year. One can check the revenue from individual city. It also displays which driver has taken maximum rides in that day. Taxi-type wise revenue/booking can be seen from here.

Finally comes the reports: This is the section from where the administrator can check all the details of the cab company since its inception. You can say this is the “janma kundali” of the cab company.

Following are the type of reports the admin can check from this panel:

  1. Customer wise reports with all details of bookings.
  2. Driver wise reports with number of rides.
  3. Revenue per day/week/month also in specified period of days.
  4. And all many more reports as per the requirement of client.

*Images for better understanding of the portal: