The ongoing pandemic has led to a disruption in the working environment and has forced people to work from home. While initially people embraced the situation but gradually people have started missing the office culture and routine. A lot of uncertainties still prevail in the minds of people as to when will things go back to the way they were before the pandemic. However, in order to help you cope with the “new normal”, we bring to you a few tips that will not only make your work life less stressful but will also help you work effectively & efficiently.

1) Create your own workspace at home

While working from home, it sure will not be possible to have a separate cubicle for working but it is crucial to create your own separate workspace at home. It is equally important to ensure that the place is always clean & clutter-free. Also make sure that while you are working, you are seated at that particular place. This also helps your other family members understand your work schedules and the chances of disturbance also reduce.

2) Share the Load

The division of household roles and responsibilities is as important as the division of responsibilities in the office. Let only one person not take all the workload. This will not only make his/her life more strenuous but will also hamper the home environment. Divide the work equally and ensure that it is done. Help & support each other as this will bring a feeling of love and warmth at home.

3) Create a Work-Life Balance

People get so engrossed in work that many times they end up working up for the whole day. But you need to understand that the late-night emails can wait. Set your working timelines and stick to it. Ensure that you spend time with your family and your loved ones. It is in your hands to set limits to your work and to make time for yourself.

4) Communicate!

A very crucial part of the office culture is a peer to peer learning which becomes difficult in the online setup. Not only with peers but the communication gap may also arise between partners because of heavy workload. Therefore, in such situations, it is extremely important to talk. Reach out to your friends, peers, and family members. Take some time out of your busy schedules to socialize. Even a small simple conversation could create wonders!

5) Enjoy the weekend & Invest in yourself

Once a week, take a break from your work routine and invest time in doing things you love. Be it watching Netflix or a game of PlayStation, break the monotony, and set yourself a different routine for the day. With long screen hours, working from home sure is not as easy but let us try to embrace the new ways of working while still hoping for the pandemic to end soon.